Deep Tissue, Cleansing Massage

Many clients use this massage as a monthly tonic. The general focus of the Deep Tissue Cleansing Massage is on reducing trigger points, increasing blood flow, and increasing the range of motion in the arms, legs and head. Black Poplar oil, West Coast Body’s Arnica Cream, Magnesium Salts spray and various Chinese liniments such as Dit Da Jow are used at the discretion of the practitioner with the consent of the client.

A Deep Tissue Cleansing Massage usually begins face up with gentle rocking of the body and compression to increase proprioceptive awareness followed by opening the palms of the hands and using myofascial release holds on the hands and arms. We use a gentle traction to stretch from wrist to shoulder and hold until the body releases. Muscles of the rotator cuff are given extra attention including traction, compression and movement of the scapula from below, allowing the body to sink into the massage table. Work on pec minor and major are followed by gentle, deep work at the base of the head, neck, and jaw. Thai stretches may be used to increase flexibility in the lower extremities before moving to prone position. Compression and rolling of the back readies it for work along rhomboids and the larger muscles of latissimus dorsi and lower trapezius. Hamstrings and glutes may be compressed and stretched using Thai massage techniques. Compression and pin and stretch may be used on piriformis or other external rotators before rolling out the calves and hamstrings with a Tiger Tail massage roller.

60 minutes             ....  110            

90 minutes        ....  150

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Comfort and Joy Massage

After a long week-- or a long month-- this massage helps to bring the client back into their body, into a place of comfort and peace. We begin with Reiki touch on the head, hands and shoulders. Often we will use a weighted blanket to increase sensory awareness and proprioception, or feeling the body from the inside. Before using enriching handmade oils of arnica and ginger, black poplar bud, or shea butter on the arms and neck, we use compression on the chest plate and opposite stretch at the neck for a sustained myofascial release hold. Other sustained myofascial release holds on the scalp and head may be used, as well. When we move to the arms and legs, opposing muscle groups are kneaded simultaneously to flood the central nervous system with sensory information and induce a sense of emotional well-being. Static hand holds are used on the palms of the feet and hands and throughout the body, allowing sensory feedback to promote the rest and repair aspect of the autonomic nervous system. The massage ends with gentle compression and a smoothing of the body's energetic field.

60 minutes            ....  110 

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Prenatal Massage

This massage is done in a side-lying position after the first trimester which allows safe access to all parts of the body while protecting the mother. A tranquil, meditative mood presides over the session.

During the first few months of pregnancy the body is undergoing deep physiological changes. The benefits of massage can be remarkable. An increase in the hormone relaxin prepares the body to give birth and may also lead to a loosening of the joints in the body. Regenerative, therapeutic bodywork is designed to create a serene space for the body building another body within itself. Arms, neck and hands are treated with gentle to deep pressure, depending on the preference of the client. Hips and legs are compressed and traction is applied where possible. All effleurage strokes aim to move body fluids upwards, towards the center of the body so as to reduce minor swelling in the ankles and feet. Reiki and light work on the base of the skull is used to close the session.

90 minutes             ....  150

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New Mother Massage

A revitalizing massage designed to help the new mother rebalance her body by bringing her back into awareness of herself. The New Mother Massage begins with a focus on the upper body, and especially neck, hands, and wrist, where the work of carrying a newborn and older babies may be felt most. Head and neck are gently stretched and counter-stretched to release adhesions. Deep work along scalenes, trapezius, and suboccipitals is designed to release muscles fatigued by staring into baby's eyes while breastfeeding. Essential oils of Lavender and Chamomile as well as Weleda's Sea Buckthorn oil are used on the shoulders, neck and arms, while opposing muscle groups are massaged. The lower back is addressed with Myofascial Release and Thai massage techniques to stretch and lengthen sore muscles.

65 minutes             ....  95

*I offer this massage at a discounted rate to allow for the cost of childcare. 

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Medicinal Massage

Medicinal massage specifically addresses muscle spasms or soft tissue adhesions which may cause restricted movement due to an accident or injury. This massage is recommended post-surgery, after motor vehicle accidents, or for any soft tissue injury to muscles, tendons or fascia which may be assisted by bodywork in the healing process. Sustained hold myofascial release technique is employed to find where restrictions may be in the body. Cross-fiber friction, the application of ice and Passive Isometric Release Stretching techniques aim to increase range of motion and reduce adhesions. We document changes in the body using ROM analysis at the beginning of the session. We currently accept only MVA/PIP insurance on a per case basis. WE DO NOT ACCEPT HEALTH INSURANCE AT THIS TIME.

1 unit/15 minutes             ....  50  

** This massage may be billable to your insurance if prescribed by a doctor, or may be billable to PIP if the injury is the result of a recent car accident.

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